Weight Loss Sauna

Relax in a dry full spectrum sauna with chromotherapy (light therapy).

Full spectrum saunas use far/mid infrared combination heater panels with advanced near infrared LED's. Having all 3 infrared wavelengths at once creates an unmatched synergy of therapeutic power for the human body. Experience the ultimate infrared sauna experience with full spectrum.

Near infrared reaches just below the skin where it may promote the following health benefits:

Mid infrared penetrates deep enough to reach soft tissues where it can work in conjunction with far infrared to increase the effectiveness of the following benefits:

Far infrared heat penetrates the deepest, reaching muscles and soft tissue to concentrate its therapeutic heating power to produce the following benefits:



Throughout history, humans used heat to detoxify the body. Infrared sauna capitalizes on this ancient practice, allowing you to release unwanted chemicals while you sweat and promote collagen growth and healing in the dermis and epidermis layers of your skin.


There’s nothing quite like unwinding from a long day in a warm, cozy spot in your house. Experience an infrared sauna in your home for the ultimate relaxation therapy that works on both the mind and body.


Infrared sauna have been proven to help treat body aches as well as chronic conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and other inflammatory conditions. It can also help accelerate wound healing by boosting cell regeneration and your immune system


Your peripheral blood vessels dilate as heat goes through your body, increasing circulation, and reducing blood pressure. It’s no wonder that a study conducted in Finland over a period of 20 years found that increased sauna use resulted in decreased heart disease in men.


According to clinical studies, a person can burn as many as 600 calories in one infrared sauna session. That’s roughly equivalent to jogging or swimming for an hour. This relaxation-based burn can not only aid in weight loss, but also boost your metabolism.


All living things are made up of cells, and the human body alone is composed of trillions of them. They provide the basic building blocks to life, so that their health is vital to our wellbeing. One of the many benefits of infrared saunas is that they promote cellular health.


Chromotherapy (A.K.A. Light Therapy) uses specific colors to contribute different health benefits to the human body.


The colors included in the Chromotherapy Light Treatment and their associated benefits are:

Green - Green is the universal healing color and provides a feeling of renewal, peace and harmony. It is primarily used for balancing our whole being, but is also helpful in treating heart disease and ulcers, decreasing blood pressure, alleviating headaches, flu symptoms and nervous system disorders.

Yellow - Provides clarity of thought, increases awareness and stimulates curiosity. Yellow has also been associated with the ability to perceive/understand. Typical diseases treated by yellow include skin issues, liver programs, diabetes, eczema and nervous system exhaustion.

Red - Promotes cellular growth, stimulating the circulatory system. It also increases physical energy, stamina, grounding, spontaneity, stability and passion. Red addresses conditions such as pneumonia, arthritis, and anemia in addition to increasing energy and serving as a liver stimulant.

Violet - Stimulates intuition, imagination, self-knowledge, meditation and artistry. This color is an excellent remedy for neurosis, diseases of the scalp, rheumatism, cerebral-spinal meningitis, concussion, cramps and epilepsy. Violet animates and cleanses venous blood.

Blue - Has a pacifying effect on the nervous system, encouraging relaxation. Blue promotes a sense of peace and tranquility, calming worrisome/anxious minds. It is ideal for treating sleep problems.

Turquoise - Similar to blue, turquoise is most often used in the pursuit of mental relaxation as well as tackling embedded psychological barriers. In addition, this color has been shown to assist in regulating imbalances of the respiratory and digestives systems. It can also help with communication, honesty and self-expression.

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