Our Mission

Our mission is to support your growth and well-being, whether it's rebuilding confidence, and self-love, alleviating physical discomfort, or addressing emotional challenges.  It's our privilege to help you discover your inner peace. 

E-Motional Healing

Emotion is Energy in Motion

These services help aid the healing of emotional upsets such as depression, anxiety, stress, worry, and fear. 

You can also use these services to enhance your spiritual journey and find your authentic self. 

(reiki, chakra, aura, life coaching, psychic readings)

Weight Loss Options

Regain your confidence and self-love with treatments designed just for you. 

Our non-invasive FDA approved options are pain free with immediate and permanent results. Reduce fat by 16% while building muscle by 19% with Dreamsculpt (EMS) and melt fat with Body Contour.

Relax with our fat melting treatment then restore in our full spectrum weight loss sauna.

We offer FREE sessions with our Whole Body Vibration (WBV) to stimulate lymphatic flow for fast detox, muscular pain relief, and more. Click here for details.  

Laser Teeth Whitening

Our machine produces dramatic whitening results for any patient who wants to whiten his/her teeth. This treatment is most effective on patients with extrinsic stains caused by food, drinks, or tobacco products. However it is also an effective treatment for teeth with intrinsic tetracycline, fluoride, and age-related stains. 

Safe for children as young as 14.

Two patients can receive this treatment at the same time!


From increased Range of Motion (ROM), to post-surgery treatment healing, pain relief and Cristina's specialty, Relaxation Massage with Reiki and HAPPIE SOulMATICS, our therapists intuitively know what your body needs.

Facials/Skin Care

Licensed Esthetician, Cristina loves helping clients feel and look beautiful in their skin. 

Retail products are available in office are professional grade Dr. Puglisi (also known as Circadia).

New Spa Services available.

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