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Year End Special Offer

Are you anxious about those holiday snapshots? Did you purchase a dress or suit that you wish were a tad more comfortable? Look no further; we have the solution. With our FDA-approved treatments, we can assist you in shedding up to 2 inches during your very first appointment. But why limit it to just that? Allow us to support you in achieving your weight loss objectives before the holidays, so you can impress everyone at your upcoming gatherings. 

Experience the ultimate transformation with our comprehensive package: enjoy 75 minutes of our Fat Melting Massage (Body Contour), complemented by 30 minutes on our muscle-building machine (Dreamsculpt), and cap it off with a rejuvenating 10 minutes on the Whole Body Vibration machine. Add our full spectrum infrared sauna to the package for just $1 per minute (or join our UNLIMITED membership for $100 per month).

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Single treatment: $249

Series of 6: $1,495

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Get into the Holiday Spirit! Warm your heart with our Whipped Body Souffle. Our Cranberry Scented Body Wrap, a favorite of the Grinch, will leave you feeling the love this holiday season. Soothe tired muscles, relieve holiday stress, and open your heart to joy with our Wrap + Massage. Choose from a variety of enticing wrap options! 

Save 10% on Wrap of your choice of 3 soothing holiday scents! Offer valid for any wrap booked 12/1/23 - 12/31/23

(we do offer unscented)

Hot Chocolate


Peppermint Patty

Offer valid only on:

Wrap + Mini Massage 

(choice of: scalp, face, facial cupping, sole) 

30-45 minutes: $79

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Book now your treatment now for 11/1/2023 though 12/31/2023

HOLIDAY RATES (11/1/2023 - 12/31/2023)

75 minutes: $157.50

90 minutes: $187.50

Regular rates:

75 minute: $210 

90 minute: $250 

It is well-known that the quality of our relationships in life is integral to our sense of wellbeing. We also know that relationships take many forms, including romantic, family, friendship, and professional, and that each type is susceptible to challenges and difficulties. Because of this, combined Reiki sessions are not limited to those of a romantic nature – all relationships can benefit from the loving energy of Reiki. In my practice, I conduct two types of combined sessions- Couples Reiki for romantic/spousal/life partners, and “Reiki for Two” for relationships such as parent and child, siblings, best friends, and so on. These sessions have allowed me to witness firsthand the remarkable effectiveness of Reiki in restoring harmony and balance to all types of relationships. (click HERE to learn more about Couples Reiki/Reiki for Two)

This Season's Favs!

Firming & Ice Firming Booty Facial

Get ready for the warmer season with this Firming Booty and upper thigh facial. The skin will be polished with our blueberry & bamboo and our customized enzyme. Active ingredients will be applied to the targeted areas to help tighten and smooth, while reducing the signs of cellulite and the skin's texture. This treatment will be fished with a mask that will instantly firm the upper thigh and buttocks area, also providing long term benefits to the skin. Add Body Contour & Dreamsculpt for a full Booty treatment (additional fee. Also, Brazilin Vacuum Butt Cupping is optional). 90 min. $222

Hot Chocolate-Winter Warming Body Ritual with Facial (most popular)

Come in from the cold and warm up with Circadia's Signature Hot Chocolate Body treatment. The warmth of the wrap will leave you relaxed and ready for your Cocoa and Whip Facial. This wrap includes Circadia Firming Gel on thighs, butt and belly for skin firming results. 75 - 90 min. $399

Chocolate Peppermint Patty Facial (deep cleanse + hydrating)

The treatment will start with a cooling cleanse that will not only indulge your senses but soothe dry and lackluster skin. The aroma of Chocolate is accompanied by a deep exfoliation that will improve the overall health while removing keratin and protein buildup. This service will finish with a luxury hydrating marshmallow and snow algae mask accompanied by a cooling massage that will leave the skin with an instant flawless, hydrated glow while stimulating circulation. $119

Chocolate Bliss Renewal (anti-aging + hydrating)

This facial starts with our signature Cocoa Enzyme mask. It will indulge your senses with the sweet aroma of chocolate while exfoliating the skin with natural papaya and bromelain. The Oxygen treatment will boost circulation and stimulate cell turnover. Finishing with our Marshmallow mask, which will transform the skin, resulting in overall health and hydration. $199